Anti epidemic and disaster relief
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Anti epidemic and disaster relief

On February 3, 2020, in the environment of continuous severe epidemic situation in China, Tianrun Industry issued an emergency donation notice to fight the epidemic situation, calling on all cadres and employees to actively donate, voluntarily donate and enthusiastically donate. As of 19:00 on February 4, all departments of the company had donated more than 456600 yuan and more than 3500 people through wechat transfer.

On February 4, in response to the call of government departments at all levels to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, while actively doing their own epidemic prevention and control work, Tianrun industry donated 1 million yuan to Wendeng District Charity Federation. On this basis, with the support of government departments, Tianrun industry purchased 14 sets of thermal imaging body temperature screening systems, 1640 sets of protective clothing and several masks, accumulating 1 million yuan of epidemic relief materials, It is used to support local governments in fighting the epidemic and help local people get through the epidemic safely as soon as possible.

On February 16, the company and its subsidiary Weifang Tianrun crankshaft Co., Ltd. donated 500000 yuan to Weihai Nanhai New Area Charity Federation and Weifang Hanting district Charity Federation to support regional epidemic prevention and control.

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