Targeted poverty alleviation
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Targeted poverty alleviation

Industrial poverty alleviation

If you want to be rich, build roads first. Over the years, road traffic and other factors have often become important factors restricting the development of poor rural areas. In 2007, the company took the lead in putting forward the policies of targeted assistance, targeted poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation, and successively completed the targeted poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation of sangxingbu village and gouyujia village. Among them, 60000 yuan was invested to complete the road reconstruction of sangxingbu village, and more than 400000 yuan was invested to complete the road hardening and ecological park construction of gouyujia village. At the same time, with the help of the implementation of mountain road reconstruction, ecological park construction and other projects, the company recruited 15 villagers from gouyujia village to engage in infrastructure construction, solved the employment of villagers during slack farming, and increased the income of villagers by more than 200000 yuan. The company will also distribute rice, fish and other benefits at important festivals such as the Spring Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival every year, and the cumulative welfare distribution has exceeded 1 million yuan.

Policy poverty alleviation

Tianrun industry actively responded to the initiative of "compassion one day donation" launched by Shandong Charity Federation. With the help of policy advantages, Tianrun industry has organized cadres and employees to carry out "compassion one day donation" activities every year, and has donated more than 2 million yuan in total.

On April 8, 2018, "poverty alleviation fund of Tianrun Industrial Technology Co., Ltd." was established. Starting from 2018, the company will donate 500000-1 million yuan every year, including 1 million yuan every year for three consecutive years in 2018, 2019 and 2020, It is used to help poor households whose per capita net income in Wendeng district is lower than the provincial poverty alleviation standard in that year, or poor households whose family life is difficult due to illness.

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