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Educational aid

Education is a strong backing support for the development of a country's economic strength, and talents come from education. Over the years, Tianrun industry has always paid attention to the cultivation of talents, encouraged excellent students to work hard, have the courage to take responsibility and act, and called on excellent students to strive for first-class and innovate forever.

The company will jointly set up "Tianrun industrial class" with local colleges and universities every year to provide one-to-one specialized talents for enterprises. At the same time, scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students of "Tianrun industrial class" every year. On September 8, 2018, Wendeng district "Wendeng school" education development foundation was established. Xing Yunbo, chairman of the company, served as the director of the first "Wendeng school" education development foundation and donated 500000 yuan to help the development of Wendeng education.

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